Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of 2011- #8- Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes

Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes rocked our back to school with books countdown in August. This book is the sequel to Pete the Cat dancing in my White Shoes. Pete is back this time rocking his way through the school. He is eating in his school shoes. He is reading in his school shoes. This book introduces each area of the school in a funny song-like book.
The text of this book is completely sing-able. The repetative text will make kids join right in. This would be a great book for building fluency in new readers.
Pete the Cat Rocking in my School shoes is perfect for the first week of school, but enough fun to last all year. This is one to add to your library and definitely a pick in our Best of 2011.
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  1. We love Pete the Cat and will have to check out this new book. The artist is located near Savannah, I think? I saw his paintings of Pete on a recent vacation and i think that is where it was.

  2. We have the original Pete the Cat but haven't read this one yet. Pete is a new classic!

  3. We just discovered the original Pete the Cat this year, but haven't got this one yet. I admit, I think Pete's a one groovy cat.

  4. I just saw a couple of days ago that a NEW Pete the Cat will be released in May. Something about counting and buttons. The kiddos at my school are C-RA-ZY for Pete. Which makes me laugh. I don't usually "go" for the kiddie music type stuff but I enjoy both Pete books as well! Promised them a big party when that new book comes out!