Friday, December 9, 2011

Merry Christmas Curious George

Every Christmas countdown needs a book with a familiar face, so we had to include Merry Christmas Curious George in our 12 Days of Christmas countdown.

While at a Christmas tree farm, Curious George climbs into a tree that is about to be cut down and hauled off. He travels with the tree to a local children's hospital. As normal, George causes some mischief at the hospital. His attempts to help instead cause confusion and chaos. The nurses are not happy, but the children love George's work and beg for him to stay for the Christmas party. George is having such a great time, he forgets that he is lost-- until the man with the yellow hat shows up to find him. George and the man with the yellow hat stay for the rest of the party... and the arrival of a special guest-- a man in a red suit! Santa gives George a gift of the Christmas star. George adds it to the tree in the Children's hospital.

This book provided a great opportunity to talk with the boys about helping those in need during the holiday season. I actually looked for something we could do with the St. Louis Children's Hospital. My nephew had to stay there for a little bit in November and I know it's a great hospital, but I couldn't really find a project to join. Instead, we opted to join our church in the Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan's purse. This organization collects shoe boxes that donators fill with treats, toys, and essential supplies for children living in poverty around the world. We chose to fill a box for a 2-4 year old boy (since that is our area of expertise).
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The boys looked at the globe and we talked about how the boy might live far away. They decided he lived in China-- I'm sure that is because my nephews were born in China and my little niece, Rylie, is still in China. (My sister's family is in the process of adopting her). Logan was really a part of packing the box this year and he even picked out a toy for the boy-- a pretty cool frog slap bracelet! In fact, I thought he would love it so much, he wouldn't want to give it away. He was adamant about sending it to the boy in China, though. :)
If you are looking for a way to give back this season, Operation Christmas child is a great project.
Another awesome opportunity is to support Compassion International through Cards for Compassion-- buy your Christmas cards and support the ministry of Compassion International

What projects have you done with your children to help them understand the value of sharing with others in need? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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  1. We love this book at our house.It is such a lovely story. My daughter absolutely loves anything Curious George--in fact according to her-- he comes for a playdate every day with the Man with a Yellow Hat of course.

  2. I love that you are giving to others. We did the mitten tree at school, the Golden Strip Food Pantry, and a Christmas box for a needy child through church.

  3. I love this activity and we haven't read that book yet - have to get a copy!

  4. It is so nice you saw teaching potential with the book and found a child centered way to help your boys understand sharing at Christmas. This post will help others, too. Thank you for sharing. Carolyn

  5. We like this book too, and while I am intrigued by Christmas Child, I choose not to contribute to the organizations with religious agendas. Instead we contributed to - Anna is very intrigued by the idea that someone in the world will get a flock of chicken donated by her.

  6. Thanks for linking up at Feed Me Books Friday! What a lovely connection you made between a beloved character and a real lesson in caring. Seeing generosity blossom in kids is so rewarding, one of those "i'm doing something right" moments.