Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bear Country on Twitter: Connecting with authors via social media

Last week I participated in a PBS twitter party about the PBS Stem Challenge. It was a great learning experience for me. There were amazing conversations about games and kids and education. About halfway through, I noticed someone tweeting as @theberenstains. At first, I thought it was just a fan of the Berenstain bears, but then I noticed someone commented about the weather in bear country.
Well, it turns out... it was THE  Berenstains . Not only is my 3 year old a new fan of the bears, I am a long time fan of the  Berenstain  bears as well. So I quickly tweeted...

And I got a response.

So I followed. And they thanked me for following. Cool.
I love twitter! I love that I don't have to find the right bookstore on the right day to connect with a favorite author. I love that in the midst of a twitter party, I can engage with someone I respect.
I think authors who are connecting via social media are providing a great outlet for young readers. Think about how often your students or children fall in love with a series of books. If the reader has an opportunity to engage the author on social media, they may stay a fan for a long, long time!
There is another PBS twitter party tonight! No promises that The Berenstains will appear, but you never know who you may meet. You can RSVP here or scan the QR code with your smart phone to rsvp! (I probably won't be attending this one because I am enrolling my kiddo in preK tonight! But I may try to catch the after party at weteach!)

In the style of twitter, today I'm sharing my favorite Berenstain bears books reviews in 140 characters or less.

The bears enjoy the traditional camp activities of canoeing, hiking, and crafts. They even survive the overnight campout! #campmemories

Brother checks out a scary mystery from the library causing Sister to be a scaredy bear at bedtime. #iamascaredybear!

Brother and Sister get caught up in comparing what they have to others. A scary thunderstorm reminds them to count their blessings. #guilty

The bears have forgotten their manners. Mama has a plan but the hardest one to change is papa. Probably shouldn't insert comment about hubbie.

Have you used social media to connect with a favorite author? Have you used it in your classrooms? I'd love to hear your experiences.

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  1. That is so cool! I'm a big Berenstain book lover too.

  2. What a wonderful experience! Twitter parties sound full of surprises, good ones. Thank you for your post and "tweets" about the books (fun idea). Carolyn

  3. I thought it was awesome that The Berenstains were at that twitter party!

    I haven't directly connected with an author, but I have met some neat bloggers through twitter =)

  4. Wow, the Berensteins are on Twitter? I remember reading those books when I was a tiny kid! Its good to know they are still around and that they're keeping up with modern technology. And how cool that they gave you a personal response to your Tweet!

  5. That's so cool! I wish their twitter party was during the day. I try to stay off the computer in the evenings - family time :-)

  6. Great post! I love that you shared about the books in 140 characters or less. I'm on most other main stream media (fb, Pinterest) - but not twitter. Hmmm, maybe I should join the fun?!