Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best of 2011- #1- Press Here

Today is the wrap up of my Best books of 2011. Today I am sharing the number 1 favorite book in my house. This was the book that was published in 2011 that my boys have requested, and even fought over, the most! So... drum roll please... our #1 pick is:

Press Here by Herve Tulle
Press Here by Herve Tullet is an interactive picture book that resonates with the interests of kids today. The book begins with a narrator instructing the reader to "press here". A yellow dot graces the first page. The child presses the dot and when he turns the next page...a second yellow dot appears. The narrator keeps instructing the reader. Rub the dot and turn the page, the dot changes color. The reader can even "turn off the lights" by pressing all the yellow dots on a given page. This book is a must see! Find out what happens as you tilt, blow on, and shake the book!
Guess what? You can see a mini-version of this book on Amazon right now! I found this great pdf for a free downloadable Press Here mini-book. There are also great activities to accompany the book-so go check it out. The mini book would make this book- which is great for sharing 1 on 1- a great classroom activity. There are also tips in the pdf for using this book as a read aloud with a large group!
This book bring so much fun play to our house. Logan follows the directions so intensely and seriously, yet when he sees the "results" he just dies laughing! When we finish reading it, Logan quotes the end of the book, "Want to do it all over again?" And I can't help but answer, "Yes!" 
I originally posted this review on May 3, 2011
To us, this was THE BEST BOOK OF 2011! We added it to our library and if we had to pick one book to suggest for you to add to your library, we'd pick this one!  I hope you liked my Best of 2011 Countdown. If you missed any of my reviews, check out the complete collection on my Best of 2011 Pinterest board!
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