Friday, February 24, 2012

Hosting a Book Swap

I am volunteering as a World Read Aloud Day Advocate for this spring. Not only do I have a super fun event planned for the St. Louis area on March 7th, but I also wanted to do something to raise money for LitWorld. I decided to ask my friends and family (and fellow literature lovers) to help me to raise funds. I planned a book swap party. The idea behind the party was that friends could swap a book, instead of paying to buy a new book, and the money that they "saved" could be donated to LitWorld. Everyone brought a book to trade and a donation for LitWorld.
This person was getting ready to be #2 in the book swap!

I wanted to make the evening fun . Since St. Patrick's Day is around the corner, I used the theme of luck. I made these fun scratch off cards for each person. (I found the tutorial to make the scratch offs on Teach Mama).
Paint contact paper with equal parts metallic paint and dish soap.

Most of the cards said,

But 4 of the cards were "winner" cards. These people got to choose a book from my stash of review copies.
They also got the privileged of sharing some interesting facts about global literacy. There are 4 winner cards in the free printable below, but here are two examples:

I made a printable copy of these scratch offs. The first set includes all of the facts about global literacy. Feel free to use them at your own World Read Aloud Day event.

The second set is just a set of blank St. Patrick Day scratch offs. I thought they would be fun for the classroom or the home!

After we did our scratch off cards, I shared a little bit of information about LitWorld and the World Read Aloud Day Event I am hosting in St. Louis.

Then party attendees got to test their lucky by drawing out a chocolate coin. We did a book swap following the rules of a white elephant gift exchange. Each of the chocolate coins had a number. The first person got to choose a book from the stash. The next person could choose a book or steal a book until all the books had found a new home!

It was a lucky night for me because I got to spend the evening with some super sweet friends!
My little party man kept trying to sneak into the party!

LitWorld is an awesome organization and I am proud to promote their cause here on my blog. I am just a couple of dollars short of reaching my fundraising goal of $100!! Thank you to all of my friends who contributed last night! If you would consider giving a donation to LitWorld, you can make a paypal donation on their blog. Here are some interesting facts I found on about how some of the donated funds are used.

$10 Supplies a LitClub with Writer's Notebooks
$50 Supports World Read Aloud Day Events Around the Globe
$100 Equips a LitClub with Solar Lanterns
$500 Brings Technology & Connectivity to a LitClub
$1,000 Provides Books to a LitWorld Library
$5,000 Launches a New LitClub

Are you attending a World Read Aloud Day event in your area on March 7th?

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  1. Impressive! I love those scratch offs. I might have to print those for a school activity. Your efforts are awesome!

  2. I love the way you put this event together. The scratch and sniff cards are so cool!

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.