Monday, February 6, 2012

Mathematically Speaking Mondays: Setting the Table

My "baby" loves to help with any project. By suppertime each night, I'm worn out from having him under my feet. Giving him a "project" is a great way to keep him out from under foot. One job that he loves is setting the table. I give him one plate at a time and tell him, "Put the plate by daddy's seat." (or mommy's or Logan's). He get's a little literacy practice in while following oral directions. Then, we do silverware. He has to put one next to each plate. We get in a little math practice as we use one to one correspondance. We finish up by putting out cups (usually practicing color words). When we are finished with the table, he runs through the house saying, "Time to Eat!"

I do this same activity with my three year old. I do try to bump up the problem solving skills for him. I'll tell him, "We have four plates on the table. We need the same number of spoons as plates. Do you know how many spoons we need without counting?"

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  1. I love these simple, practical and useful ideas for incorporating numeracy into everyday life! Thanks Jackie!