Saturday, March 17, 2012

4 New Books for Every Baby's Library

Last weekend, I attended a baby shower for my darling sister in law, Kari. She is set to have my 5th nephew, Henry, in about a month. One of my favorite things to give new moms is a basket of books to beef up the new baby's library. I knew my sister in law was the kind of girl who would totally appreciate books for the baby.
Along with diapers, wipes, swaddle blankets, and some good lullaby music, books are an important part of every nursery.

Hey Diddle, Diddle  (illustrated by Hannah Wood) is a nursery rhyme collection book. My boys have the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Nursery Rhyme collection from Tiger Tales. Hey Diddle, Diddle is the newest addition to that series and features a different set of nursery rhymes. In this title, you'll find classic rhymes like The Three Little Kittens, The Muffin Man, and Jack Sprat. The padded board book has adorable illustrations for each rhyme.
One Sunny Day is another adorable padded board book written by Tammi Salzano and also illustrated by Hannah Wood. This is a cute way to introduce shapes to your child. With bold and simple illustrations on each page, it's perfect for the child who is learning to point.  The text is very simple, only including a phrase per page to label the object and its shape.
Two new books that are part of "The Into- Everything Baby Stages" series are Uh-Oh! Oh-no! and Do Touch! Don't Touch! Both are written by Ann Hodgman and illustrated by Lucy Barnard.
Uh-oh! Oh-no! is my favorite of the two. In this story, a baby drops a sippy cup of milk, which splashes the cat, who jumps into the basket and crashes a chair. I love the cause and effect of the story. I love the repetition of the text. Parents will be able to relate to the events and children will love the silly illustrations.
Do Touch! Don't Touch! also has cute illustrations and a relevant story. The text didn't flow quite as well when I read it. "Don't touch the plug. Too sparky! Don't touch the vase. Too tippy!" I can just hear myself muttering "Too tippy? What?" every time I read this book aloud. Other than a text that is sometimes disjointed, it's a cute book. I love the positive message in the story and that the book perfectly models redirection. It would be a great text to use if you were teaching a parenting class!

My basket of books for Henry comes with a wish. I hope that he has many happy hours of reading and cuddling on his mommy's and daddy's laps! As my oldest is now (almost) 4 and (almost) too big to be carried around, I realize that it's true... they really are growing up fast!

Even though you didn't get to be at the shower with us or have a delicious slice of cake (I love shower food!) Will you celebrate the coming arrival of my newest nephew by sharing one of your favorite books for newborns?

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Disclaimer: I received these books from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. What a great aunt you are!!! Books for baby showers is the ONLY way to go! two of my classic favorite baby books are

    Animal Sounds by Aurelius Battaglia
    I am a Bunny by Ole Risom

    My little little ones have always LOVED those two!

  2. Such a lovely post and sweet thoughts. Your book selections are perfect. I would add GOODNIGHT MOON. I enjoyed your post. Carolyn

  3. When Kellen was a baby-toddler, his favorite book in the world was "I Love You Through and Through" by Bernadette Rossetti Shustak. Very cute...I always enjoyed reading it to him. Would definitely recommend!

  4. Those are lovely books (I suppose you also got them as a courtesy of Tiger Tales)? Our early favorite was definitely classics like A Very Hungry Caterpillar and Goodbye Moon. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  5. I have to give a shout to Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes by Mem Fox. It's just so wonderful to read aloud and has lots of gentle playful elements. But I have others in this post I wrote a ways back:

  6. What lovely books. I will suggest the Bear Series by Barefoot Books. Thanks for linking up to my Book Sharing