Monday, April 16, 2012

Yo-ho-ho A Pirate Book for you

We searched our local library for these pirate book treasures for toddlers through early readers.

pirate books, books for toddlers, color books, best books for preschoolersPirate Nap: A Book of Colors by Danna Smith is a great pick for the littlest swash buckler. Two young boys prepare for naptime by pretending to be pirates and turning colorful objects into treasure.  "Mighty pirates need sleep too".  Good rhyming text and great pictures., pirate pete book, pirate book for preschooler, preschool If you need a little more adventure in your pirate stories, check out Pirate Pete. There are several Pirate Pete books. We tried Pirate Pete's Giant Adventure by Kim Kennedy. This is still a great choice for the older preschool crowd or young elementary school student., david shannon, pirate, preschool Jeremy Jacob in How I Became a Pirate has come face to face with real pirates and lives to tell the story. You can continue the adventure but know your little pirate will still want to come home to you and bedtime stories and goodnight kisses. If the cover illustrations look familiar to you, the illustrator is a preschool favorite, David Shannon (No, David!), alphabet book, pirate, preschool  For an educational look at pirates, try this pirate alphabet book. Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC is a rhyming alphabet book. The pirates set off to look for every letter of the alphabet (because "r" is not enough).  If they fail their mission, they will walk the plank! Thanks to Reading Confetti for suggesting this book. Stop by her blog to see a great treasure map activity that incorporates letter identification and visual discrimination of letters!, pirate, preschool Think most pirates are BOYS? You'll think differently after reading Night Pirates by Peter Harris. The pirates in this story are little GIRLS who invite a boy along on their nighttime adventure! This book is completely singable which means your girl pirate or boy pirate may have it memorized in no time at all!,  pirate, early readerFor the beginning independent reader, Pirates Past Noon part of the Magic Tree House chapter book series, is a great Pirate story.


  1. Love all your pirate ideas! My favorite animated movie is The Jungle Book. Just love the characters :)

  2. Great idea to get themes for school from newly released movies. And who doesn't love pirates!?
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.