Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day Cards and The Bump by Mij Kelly

I am so excited about Mother's Day!! Why? You might think it's the anticipation of a beautiful Mother's Day gift. No. My preschooler already let it slip. I'm getting socks. That's right. He told me, "... because girls like socks, mom. That's what Daddy says." I'm actually excited about Mother's Day because I get to share one of my favorite new books of 2012! The Bump by Mij Kelly Illustrated by Nicholas Allen is a story written to children explaining pregnancy.

 There are a lot of books that deal with expectant parents. There are books that detail the science behind the "where do babies come from?" question. There are books that prepare children for a new baby sibling.
So what makes this book different from all the other kid lit I've read on pregnancy? This book focuses on a mom's love. The abstract concept of love is explained so beautifully as it is compared to a pregnant woman's "bump". It begins with just a little love for a baby and a little baby bump.  The love grows and the bump grows. "She cherished that bump like she cherishes you, and the bump- like her love- grew and grew." The author and illustrator work so nicely together as they use funny language and captivating illustrations to accurately show the baby bump.The love and the baby continue to grow until the baby is born. The story doesn't end there. The author explains that the mother's love will continue to grow just as the child will continue to grow.

 Just when I thought I couldn't love them any more, I realize I have fallen more deeply in love with my two bumps! I also love the man who helped me get those two little boys. Yep, the man who thinks it's appropriate to give socks for Mother's Day. I'm crazy about that man. But, I still want something more than socks for my special day. So, I made myself some cards.
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 I'm planning on setting them out in a conspicuous spots so someone will color it for me.
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I may set out glitter as well. I'd like some glittery frosting on my cupcake card!
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The good news is that I am sharing my card creations. If you are a mom, print these out and set them out for the kids. If you are a teacher, here's a free printable. In fact, I made a few so your students have a choice.  And  if you are a dad who is printing these out for his kids to color, you rock. Whether you are buying your wife a cheap gift or a super fancy gift (like I'm getting), the gift she will treasure most is the one the kids made with love.
Click on the button to download the cards.
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Disclaimer: I was sent this book from Tiger Tales in exchange for my honest review of the book. No other compensation was given.


  1. Dear Jackie: This post demonstrates that you are on your way to making wonderful printables! You just taught me about folders on Google Docs, I never gave that a moment's thought, and this is a perfect application! The story sounds great for mothers and their children. I hope there are surprises in the toes of your socks! Carolyn

  2. I would much rather have something like this given to my buy my daughters than store-bought items. Thanks for the idea to inconspicously leave it out. Maybe my husband will get the idea that he doesn't have to spend money :)

  3. Thank you for the great printables! I got socks for Christmas last year. ;)

  4. My daughter is making grand plans about my present for Mother's Day. Knowing her organizational abilities, I will be lucky to get a card unless my husband steps in :)

  5. These are cute!! I shared them on my blog today: