Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Learning Colors with Colorful Little Books

Teaching colors to preschoolers by making color books, foldable little books with no glue or tape or staples
My four year old  knows his colors-- well mostly, sometimes he randomly confuses two colors-- like black and white. I wanted to create a summer activity that would review known colors as well as introduce the written color words. I had remembered seeing some color books on Teach Preschool and they inspired my activity.
I began by folding little books out of each color of construction paper. I labeled each little book with the corresponding color word. Then I set up a tray for a color search. I included magazines and ads. I included colorful stickers. I also included a variety of pens, pencils, markers, and crayons in a variety of colors.
Making a color book

Logan can pick up the tray independently, pick a color, and add to his books. So far he has scribbled on a few pages, added two stickers to his blue book, and added a picture of a black lego character and a blue car. After he finishes the books, he can "read" them!
I really like Teach Preschool's idea for introducing colors one at a time. I made this "kit" because Logan already knows his colors and just needs review. Also, it's a great quiet time activity for when his little brother is napping... or for when his little brother loudly playing in his room during nap time-- which seems to be the case these days!

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  1. We're thinking alike again! At waddleeahchaa.com we're continuing our summer series on art and color. Last week we posted a free printable color book that will tie in perfect with your little color books! Happy summer and happy colors! :)


  2. I really like how you realize review is needed and provide it so appropriately. Practice makes perfect! Nice activities with lots of choice, includung for the napper! Carolyn