Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ebooks for kids

Ebooks arehot, hot, hot right now! Even my non-techy mom has an ereader. But as much as my mom loves her ereader, it's not mom who is clamoring for every tablet, ereader, or handheld device. It's my kids. I bet your kids are too! Ebooks seem to be a great way to engage kids with books. I'd love for my kids to have balanced exposure to both ebooks and print books. But, I had difficulty finding books that were a good fit when looking for a developmentally appropriate ebooks for my kids. I've had friends also tell me they had difficulty finding ebooks for kids in the app store. So, I figured, why not figure out how to make my own?
I've been making early reader books for students for years and I've made them for my kids too. Sometimes it's easier to just make an early reader book that fits the level of the child than to search all over for the perfect book. I knew I had to find a way to get the printed books I had made onto the screen.  I was so excited when I finally figured out that I could make the books as a PDF and that all PDFs can be opened in ibooks on the iPad or iPhone. Super simple ebooks for kids were born!
So far, I have turned my At the Zoo early reader book into an ebook for kids. This book was orignially included in my free Zoo Preschool Theme.
This  ebook is formatted for iPad and iPhone. It can be viewed on other devices, but the
formatting will work best in the iPad or iPhone. You will need to make sure you have ibooks installed on your device. It is a free app in the app store.
You can download this book and send it to ibooks in just two easy steps!
1. While on your iPad/iPhone click here to go to google docs.
ebooks for kids, literacy, reading

2. When the file downloads, a button will pop up that says “open in ibooks”. Click on that to view your pdf as an ibook. (If you can’t see the button, tap the screen and it will return.)
How to open a pdf in ibooks

Your file will open as an ebook.
ebooks for kids, how to open a pdf in ibooks

See? Easy Peasy! You can also download At the Zoo for FREE in my Teacher's Pay Teachers Store! If you download it here, I'd LOVE if you could leave a rating in my store.

I would recommend downloading the Free ebook, At the Zoo, to make sure it works on your device. If you are interested in more ebooks, though, there are more in my store. If you have an additional tech questions about these ebooks, here's a free PDF to walk you through it, but they really are simple to use!

I also have these titles for sale in my Teacher's pay Teachers Store for $1.50 per book. You have permisson to share this file with the guardians of your students which would enable you to send home age-appropriate ebooks with any student who requests that. As a parent, I can tell you, I would be thrilled to receive an ebook for iPad/iPhone.
ebooks for kids, reading, literacy

ebooks for kids, literacy, reading

ebooks for kids, reading, literacy

ebooks for kids, literacy, reading

ebooks for kids, early readers, literacy,

These have been great for my boys. We went on a vacation last weekend and they really kept them entertained in the car! Coming soon, ebooks based on Dolch sight words!

If you'd prefer these nursery rhyme little books in print, I also have all five of these titles in a Nursery Rhyme Early Readers pack. These print two books to a page and are in black and white.

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