Children’s Bibles Review and Giveaway

If you’ve read my blog much, you might have guessed that reading is a huge part of my family life! Teaching the Bible to my kids is a huge part of our every day life too. I feel like taking time to teach Bible stories and principles enriches our day. Juggling kids, school, activities, sports, homework, and family time is a lot for most families. In our home, Bible time can easily get swept under the rug. Sharing the Bible with my kids is really important, though, and I want to work to protect that time. Here are a few suggestions that I found helpful for teaching the Bible to my kids.

1. Choose a designated time of day to read the Bible with your kids. Just like brushing teeth, if you don’t have set times of day for Bible reading, you may easily forget to actually do it. As your kids get older and busier, it can become even more difficult to find time for Bible reading. My sister has a great trick that she uses with her boys. She drives them to the bus stop each day and while they wait, she reads them a quick devotion. What a great way to start the day! While that time might not work for your family, try to set aside a time to share a quiet moment meditating on God’s word.Your kids will begin to expect that time and they will be excited about sharing that time with you.

2. Memorize scripture verses with your kids. The Bible commands us to “hide God’s word in our heart”. Memorizing scripture is so important. It can also be fun if you memorize a verse for each letter of the Bible, or give a rhythm to the verse, let the child slap his legs or clap his hands as he memorizes the scripture, or sing a song to remember the verse. Also, take the time to show your child where the verses are found in the Bible so he knows it’s really a verse from the Bible

3. Keep Bible study time with  kids relevant to their lives. The Bible isn’t just interesting stories from history. There are stories about real life issues that will help your kids right now, today.  Are they having trouble with a friend at school? Are they anxious about a big test? Do they question their self-worth? The Bible has answers for these problems. I try to remind myself to direct my boys back to God’s word. It’s there that they learn they are loved with an everlasting love. The Bible is where they learn about wisdom. They learn to be understanding and forgiving towards others. I won’t be able to be with my boys for the rest of their lives. Why not press into them God’s word?  It can direct them as they move on someday out of my care.

4. Make Bible study time with kids engaging. There is a lot competing for our kids attention in this world. Playing a flashy video game might sound better to some kids than reading a book of thees and thous. I think it’s totally important for your kids to see you reading from God’s word and to hear God’s word. I even think it’s ok for them to hear the thees and thous. It’s beautiful. But for my boys, I’ve found that if we stick with just reading straight from a grown up Bible, I can’t keep their attention. A better way to keep my boys attention is to listen to the story on CD or watch a movie of the Bible story. It’s also helpful to sometimes use a Bible that is on the child’s listening comprehension level. There are several kids Bibles and even Bible apps designed specifically for kids.

The Children’s Bibles is an app for iPhone or iPad that has stories that kids can read or listen to. You can even record a story. Wouldn’t it be fun (and engaging) to have Grandpa reading a favorite Bible story? I know my boys would love that. You can also watch the stories as animated video. Wouldn’t this be great for a long car trip? You can get this app free with three free books and 3 free sample books. If you like this app, consider rating it on iTunes.

Here’s the description of the app in itunes.
The Children’s Bibles contains 84 books, different well-known children’s Bible stories. They are all beautifully illustrated, in a classic naturalistic and colorful style, with sound effects and music. They are also made into movies, and you can record your own audio for reading so the child will hear the father, mother or grandparent reading the story.  These stories have already been sold, in printed form, in over 8 million copies in more than 110 languages and countries. (See the list in the App.) It is still reprinting 300,000 to 600,000 each year.
Check out the 3 free complete books and 3 free sample books. These are all stories from the Bible for different age groups from +0 to teenagers and even adults. They are faithful to the BIBLE, but shortened in some books.
Please have a look, and download this free App and look at the free books and samples.
•Read (you can read the stories yourself)
•Read to Me (listen to the story, while watching the pages turn)
•My Audio (record your own voice and play along with the story)
•Play movie (watch an animated video)

The publisher, Scandinavia Publishing House, also has several print books that would be great for your family’s Bible reading time.
In fact, they have offered a prize pack to one reader of Ready. Set. Read! to help your family get started on your Bible reading adventure.
 Here’s what’s included in the prize pack.

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1. Handy Bible – cost USD 12.95 
2. Comic Book Bible – cost USD 9.95 and the
3. Small Famous People of the Bible – cost USD 1.95 each 

I have a strong desire to teach my kids God’s word. There is just so much competing for their attention. I asked my facebook friends for advice on this column so this is a compilation of idea from wonderful parents (moms and dads) who value spending time in God’s word with their children. I don’t claim to be a perfect Christian parent. It is something I struggle with and pray about often. If you have tips for teaching your kids about the Bible, I’d love to hear them!

This is a sponsored post. I was given a free giveaway pack and compensated to write this post.


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    Very well said! This is informational, motivational, and practical. How nice you have a giveaway, too! I found children will listen to Bible stories that have illustrations, these materials sound powerful! Carolyn