Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

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I love  when it is time to trim the tree and deck the halls. Our tree wouldn't make it onto the hallowed walls of Pinterest as it isn't showroom perfect. Instead, our tree is filled with Christmas crafts made by special hands. Some of the ornaments were crafted by my husband or myself when we were kids. Others were crafted by our boys. Our home is also bustling with Christmas tree crafts at this time of year!
Last year we made a serrated rectangle puzzle that when ordered from largest to smallest created a Christmas tree. We also made a no-fuss lid Christmas tree, a footprint Christmas tree, and  a colors of faith tree. You can find all of these crafts on my Book and Activities by Holidays page.

This year we based our Christmas tree craft on a wonderful book, Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree came by special delivery. The problem with his special tree? It was too tall for Mr. Willowby's mansion. Mr. Willowby ordered the Butler to cut off the top of the tree and make it fit. Not wanting to waste a perfectly good tree top, the Butler passed the tree top along to Miss Adalaide the upstairs maid. Miss Adalaide fashioned the tree in her tiny maid's quarters only to discover that the tiny tree top was too tall for her house. She chopped off the top and threw it out. The top (of the top) was rescued by the gardener who took it home to his wife. Guess what? Yep, the top (of the top of the top) was too big for the gardener's house. He threw it out and it was rescued by Barnaby Bear. The story continues as the tree top , getting tinier and tinier, is passed to tinier and tinier families. Finally it finds a special home back near Mr. Willowby's big tree.
This is a sweet story that you might remember from your own childhood. It was published in 1963. It was originally published with illustrations in ink and green wash. Now it is available in full color. It is a well told circular story. It is great for sequencing and story retelling. It is also good for teaching concepts such as ordering objects by size.
Christmas Crafts for kids, Christmas activities for kids, book activities, ready set read,

After reading the book, we created Mr. Willowby's Christmas trees.  I gave the boys 3 waffle cones that I had sawed into three different sizes. We saved the extra cone for another use. The boys were able to stack the trees and then take the tops off to make separate trees. We iced and decorated each one. We let them dry but they didn't last long. Although they would make cute decorations, the boys wanted to eat them right away!
Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree will be a staple in our Christmas reading selections for many years to come. Did you read this book as a kid? Is this a Christmas favorite at your house?


  1. Very clever! Obviously, I didn't read this book as a child (it wasn't published in Russian), but Anna pointed it out to me in the library, said that she read it before and that it's very funny and asked me to take it home.

  2. Just picked up the book and saw your most recent post. Thanks for sharing. We will definitely use the craft idea now.

    I do not comment often, but wanted to let you know that I receive lots of inspiration from your blog! Thanks for all you do!

    May you and yours have peace and blessings always!


  3. Thank you Kerri. You just made my night!! I hope you enjoy the book and have a happy holiday season with your family!!

  4. What a great idea. I haven't heard of the book until your post, but I'll keep an eye out for it. I think my boys (almost 2 now) would do well with this next Christmas, so I just pinned it. I'd love for you to share this at my Season's Best {Christmas} Link-Up along with some of the other toddler-friendly ideas.

    Happy to be a new follower!