Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ready-Set-Read: Exposed!

Welcome Friends, thanks for stopping by my home on the web today. One of my goals of 2013 is to connect on a more personal level with the readers of my blog. Today I'm taking you behind the scenes of Ready-Set-Read to expose my real life.

If you've been around Ready-Set-Read very long, you may have seen my kids working at the kitchen table with a clean and shiny white countertop on the background.
no more perfect moms, jill savage, hearts at home, ready set read

But what you don't know is that two inches beyond the scope of the photo was a countertop piled high and I cropped the junk out of the photo.

I often use my magnetic french doors for the kids to manipulate magnetic letters. What you see is great lighting pouring into my kitchen and a wooded backyard.

What you don't see is that the door frame isn't complete and we don't have baseboards in our kitchen yet. Our house was a foreclosure home that we got for a great deal, unfortunately, we live in a constant state of remodeling! Oh yeah, and there is always random art work drying on this door and all over my fridge all. the. time.
ready set read, no more perfect moms, jill savage, hearts at home

I share close up pictures of my kids working on a project-- playing with playdough, drawing or painting.

However, if you could see my "project" that is growing around them, you might not be so impressed with the time I spent painting with my kids.
hearts at home, jill savage, ready set read, no more perfect moms

Are you wondering why would I offer readers an honest peek inside my house?
 I've recently been reading a preview of a book by Jill Savage from Hearts-at-Home called, "No More Perfect Moms". I've also been participating in the No More Perfect Moms 30 Day email challenge. Through the book and the challenge, I've learned a lot about being real with other moms. I've really taken time to evaluate the effect that social media has on women. I find myself comparing my home to the perfect homes on Pinterest. I find myself comparing my children's behavior or painting skills to those I read about on other mom blogs.
In Jill's book, "No More Perfect Moms" she suggests that women feel most insecure about their homes and their bodies. I absoutely agree with that. As many of us know, magazine photos are often edited or shot in a location where a real family does not reside. I'm here today to suggest that many blog posts are not shown in a completely "real" setting. I was able to quickly take the photos for this post and edit them with free software online. Do I think it's wrong for bloggers to edit their photos or move distracting object out of the way? No, I do not. I think bloggers are doing their best work to present an environment that shows the point of the article without unnecessary distractions. I do, however, think as moms that we need to evaluate what we are seeing online through a more honest lens.  As Savage would say, we need to change our expectations.
In "No More Perfect Moms" Jill Savage divides motherhood into categories and provides antidotes to the tendencies toward perfection in those categories. She provides really practical tips. I'm learning a lot about giving myself grace instead of judgement. I'm learning how to change the way I talk to myself about my home. I'm learning practical steps to take in asking others for help when they might be more skilled in an area. It has been a great challenge for me. If you'd like to know more about Jill's book, when it will be on sale and when is the best time to buy it-- and score some deals, check here.
I'm linking this up to Jill Savage's Third Thursday Blog Hop: Making Peace with Your Imperfect Home. If you'd like to see what others have to say on this topic or link up your own post, check it out!

Disclosure: I was given a free copy of the book, "No More Perfect Moms".



  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing! I totally agree with you--everyone wants to put their best selves out there, but when we share a more honest view of ourselves, I think it actually brings us together in more of a true friendship.

  2. Great post, Jackie! I remember moving all the crap from the kitchen counter onto the dining room table for a blog picture. Then when somebody complimented me on my kitchen, I had to fess up. :)

  3. So glad to see someone else's laundry piled high- and to be reminded that life can still be filled with fun in the mess. Love your "exposure' here- thanks for being honest. Stopping by from Jill's blog hop today.

  4. Yes, I am still impressed with the fact you spend time painting with your kids, as your values are right! You are doing the right thing. The book sounds wonderful and correct. Looking at all the photos online probably gives a false impression and we should be aware. Thanks so much. This was fun to see! Thank you for being REAL.

  5. Your EXPOSED pics are too cute for words! It's refreshing to see honesty about our imperfections. Thanks for being so open! (I'm visiting from Jill's bloghop, by the way, and the NMPM group.)

  6. You are kind to share your before and after photos with us! I think we all have messy kitchens and piles of laundry. It shows that we are busy and productive! Perfect is overrated!

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  8. I see a lot of perfect homes as well, I think that my house looks like that only a couple of times a week and then I get tired of picking up the toys or go a day or two with running the sweeper and it looks like the scene out of a jungle. It is a hot mess. I don't do a lot of personal pictures in my article. And when I do them I don't normally pick up, I just like it be what it going to be. This is an awesome post about being a real person verses the robotic copycat that everyone wants us to pretent to be.

  9. Love this post!!! Thanks so much for sharing your EXPOSED life!