Monday, February 4, 2013

Alphabet Activities for Preschool

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Today I'm teaming up with +Megan Sheakoski  from +Coffee Cups and Crayons  and +Jamie Reimer  from +hands on : as we grow  to bring you a fun Google + Hangout on Valentine Alphabet Activities for Preschool. We'll be chatting live on G+ at 2 pm CST on Monday, February 4th.  You can also catch it Live right here at If you can't join us live, you can watch the video anytime.

Jamie and Megan have very fun Valentine activities for preschool that I know you are going to love!
Megan is sharing Broken Heart Letter Puzzles.
Jamie used scrabble tiles for a super fun letter learning and matching game.
I'm sharing my Heart Letter Pick Up Game and Song.

This G+ hangout is part of a entire week series of Valentines Day for Kids. Make sure you catch the other live events this week for lots of Valentine's Day fun and learning. Here's the schedule:

Monday, 2 pm CST: Alphabet Activities for Preschool
+Jackie Higgins +Jamie Reimer and +Megan Sheakoski

Tuesday,2:30 CST: How to Play the Valentine's Way
+Angelique Felix 
A bilingual Valentine's Day show for 0-6 year olds. (Note: I love watching Angelique's G+ hangouts with my kids. They love to hear her talk and sing!)

Wednesday, 12 PM CST- Valentines Day Fun and Learning for Kids 
+Carolyn Elbert , +Mari Tuten  and +MaryAnne Mamasmilesblog
The bloggers behind Inspired by Family Mag, The Pleasantest Thing, and +Mama Smiles - Joyful Parenting  will share activities, crafts and cooking for kids with a Valentine's Day Theme.

Thursday, February 7, 2:30 PM CST: Conversation Heart Activities
+Jamie Reimer +Trisha Stanley and +Maggy Woodley
Kid bloggers from +hands on : as we grow +Inspiration Laboratories and +Red Ted Art will share activities for kids based on Valentine's Day conversation hearts.

Friday, February 8, 12 PM CST:  A Valentine's Day Playdate
+Cerys Parker , +Krissy Sherman Bonning , and  +Gina Kimmel

I hope you find these Valentine's Day for Kids hangouts fun and helpful. These are usually quick 10-15 minute hangouts. My boys love to watch with me! So grab a cup of coffee, put a kid on your lap if you'd like, and check out some fun for Valentine's Day.



  1. Love your post. Can you add social media buttons to your post so it's easier for us to share it? For Twitter, Pinterest would be wonderful. I think there is a widget on Blogger for that.

  2. I loved being able to see you on Google! It was nice to see you live. Your son was so good for the episode! I hope to catch up with the other episodes. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful expertise. Carolyn