Sunday, February 3, 2013

No More Perfect Moms Book Launch and Bonuses

During January, I participated in the No More Perfect Moms email challenge with Hearts at Home. I also got a sneak peak at Jill Savage's book, "No More Perfect Moms" which releases February 3.  During the book launch week, you can get tons of amazing resources for FREE when you buy the book. But make sure you buy it THIS WEEK (February 3-9) and keep your receipt! Read on to find out how to get over $100 worth of resources when you buy the book.

 No More Perfect Moms: Learn to Love Your Real Life addresses the real issues that today's moms face. This book offers a fresh approach that other books for moms may miss. Instead of telling moms what they should be doing, this book focuses on what moms shouldn't be doing. The author explains that as moms we should stop comparing our insides to other mom's outsides. The book focuses on areas that affect all moms, body image, kids, home, marriage, and homemaking. The book calls our desire to be perfect in all of these areas "perfection infection". No More Perfect Moms provides the antidotes to this infection. These are practical tips for overcoming the perfection infection. The books does a wonderful job of tying these practical tips to the truths of scripture.
I loved this book. The book was well written and easy to read. The information was so practical, it really stuck with me. I've already found myself in conversations with friends where the information I gained from the book was passed on to encourage another mom. I've found the practical advice is already helping me to be a better mom and wife. This book has been a huge encouragement to me as I struggle with perfectionism.
I would recommend this book to all moms and women. It would make a great book for a small group study.

 Bonuses for Buying the Book During the Launch Week

Everyone loves a good investment…especially one that comes with a big bonus!  This is one of those investments that you don’t want to miss!

Purchase Jill Savage’s new book NoMore Perfect Moms anytime between February 3-9 (online or at a store…and yes, electronic versions such as Kindle and Nook count too!) Send a copy of your receipt to  Scan it, take a picture of it - just be sure to send it to the email! You'll be given access to well over $100 worth of resources that will help you on your mothering journey - absolutely free! 

What will you receive?

6 Sixty Minute Audio Workshops (MP3 format) from Hearts at Home 
  • Desperate for Wisdom - Dr. Juli Slattery 
  • How to Fight for Your Marriage - Dr. Juli Slattery
  • It is Well with Your Soul - Jennifer Rothschild
  • Multiple Intelligences - Dr. Kathy Koch
  • Ten Stress Strategies Every Mom Needs - Jill Savage
  • The God Who Sees You - Tammy Maltby
4 Printables from Hearts at Home 
  • 10 Stress Strategies Every Mom Needs
  • “Love Is”—I Corinthians 13 for Parents
  • Mom Rules
  • How to Fight Fair In Marriage
3 Free E-book’s (including PDF, Kindle, iPad, and Nook editions!) from Moody Publishers

·         Live Free by Kendra Smiley
·         Growing Grateful Kids by Susie Larsen
·         Real Moms Real Jesus by Jill Savage

1 Contest Entry

You will be entered in a drawing to win hotel accommodations and two Hearts at Home Mom Conference registrations for you and a friend at a conference of your choice! (If unable to attend a conference, a Hearts at Home Conference To-Go will be substituted for the winner and a friend.)

This offer is available for this week only (Feb 3-9)! Grab a copy of No More Perfect Moms, scan your receipt, email it, and start enjoying your new book PLUS all of the extra bonuses you’ll receive!  It’s “mom university” delivered right to your computer! 

This book has greatly impacted me and has given me a great start to the New Year.  I can't wait to hear the audio workshops and  read the ebooks! I'm especially interested in the free book by Susie Larsen, "Growing Grateful Kids" as this is a topic my friends and I have discussed a lot lately. (Note: if you are in my local group of friends, you might want to pick up a copy before our next Starbucks night!)

If you get a chance to read No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments.


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