Sunday, May 26, 2013

Reading the Easy Way Review and Giveaway

I was recently give the opportunity to test out 123 Homeschool 4 Me's printable reading curriculum, "Reading the Easy Way". (This post contains affiliate links and a giveaway)
learn to read, sight words

 Reading the Easy Way is a 12 Week Printable Curriculum for Preschool children to learn to read sight words fluently. The program is based on the preKindergarten Dolch sight word list. It combines worksheets, games, and early reader books to reinforce the sight words that are introduced each week.
I used this curriculum with my five year old son, Logan. He is beginning to read independently. I wanted something easy to use this summer to prepare him for Kindergarten next year. Children would not need to be reading independently to use the curriculum. It would work well for children who know their letters and are beginning to show an interest in reading. I think Logan will also be ready for Reading the Easy way 2, which is a Kindergarten program. I wanted to spend some of the summer reviewing what he already knows, and then I am excited to move him to Reading the Easy Way 2. I was also excited to find out the author just released a first grade curriculum as well.

What’s Included:
Learn to Read, Sight Words

12 Week Lesson Plan (little prep with clearly labeled sheets!)
Roll and Read Game / Flashcards
Trace! Read! Stamp!
Sight Word Coloring
Word Search
Peanuts to Elephant Game
Matching Word Round-Up Game
Sight Word Bingo (2 versions)
Swat the Fly Game
8 Preschool Readers

What I thought:

I love that this curriculum is easy to use.  Everything is done for me. Lesson plans are easy to glance over quickly and prepare. I would recommend printing the entire curriculum at once and organizing the activities by week in a binder, as they are organized by activity in the curriculum. I also liked the amount of variety in the activities. The variety helps children to work with flexibility on the sight words.This helps children transfer their knowledge of the words in isolation as they read and write sight words in real text. Reading the Easy Way is a great reading program to teach sight words. For a complete reading curriculum, you might want to add phonics activities, writing activities, and comprehension activities. The creator of the curriculum, Beth Gordon, includes a resource page with links to activities. The links on the resource page are free resources that will help you fill out the curriculum.

What my child thought:

sight words, learn to read

Logan likes the games in Reading the Easy Way, especially the swat the fly game! He also enjoys the sight word coloring, and he enjoys stamping the sight words on the Trace! Read! Stamp! sheets. The activities only take about 15 minutes per day to complete, which is great for an active child in the summer season.

learn to read, sight words, preschool

Reading the Easy Way Preschool  Click here to view more details (this is an affiliate link)

I am excited to have the opportunity to offer a free copy of Reading the Easy Way (Preschool) Curriculum to one reader. Enter to win on the rafflecopter below. Everyone can use the promo code readysetread20 to get 20% off Reading the Easy Way Preschool. Reading the Easy way is only $10 for the complete printable curriculum. 

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  1. At the moment my little man is not reading yet, he'll be 3 this summer, but I teach him to recognise the letters, and he knows quite a few now. I read to him every day, and hope he will enjoy reading himslef once he's older

  2. My little one will be three this summer and her younger sister will be three next summer as well. We read often and our oldest is beginning to also enjoy reading to us as well. This would be a great literacy start for our homeschooling this coming year!

  3. My son will be 3 this summer. This curriculum would benefit him greatly!

  4. Great giveaway. I'm currently seeing which products I want to start my son on - Hooked on phonics, Reading the easy way. etc.

  5. As a mom of pre-school twins, I would love this!

  6. I've tried out a couple of other reading methods and would love to give this one a try!

  7. A favorite method to get my preschooler to read is to play a game!

  8. When we're reading together, I act like I need help with a few of the words and my preschooler LOVES to teach mommy the words!

  9. Fear. Just kidding -- I try to make it exciting and like something she has to do in order to go to school!

  10. My daughter likes learning through music, so we do phonics songs, etc. to motivate her.