Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Writing with Children in the Summer and Mom's Library

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Last week on Mom's Library I featured Summer Reading Charts-- ways to motivate your child to read this summer. Since reading and writing go hand in hand, I am featuring writing with children this week. I'm featuring some awesome ideas from readers, along with tips for writing with children in the summer.

Writing with Children

#1- Make Writing Authentic
What could be more motivating that writing letters to a real person and building a friendship with writing? This Fine Day shares how they began their pen pal program.

writing with children

#2- Connect Writing to Everyday life
In school, children are asked to write narratives about life's experiences. They are asked to express their opinion. They are also expected to write informational text. Using their own experiences is a great way to cover all of these types of writing.  If you look through your own journal, you'll definitely find narratives and opinions! You might even find little notes you've written down with facts you want to remember. A journal personalizes the writing and makes it more motivational for kids.
Raise a Boy shares their Summer Journals.

writing with children

#3- Get tech savvy with your summer writing activities
Children who are reluctant to write with paper and pencil in the summer, may love having the opportunity to write using a computer or tablet.
iGame mom reviews an app for Book Creator which allows kids to add pictures and sound to their writing!

writing with children

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  1. This summer I am pretty serious about writing. Anna can earn an extra computer time by writing a story (usually about 5-6 sentences long). It's amazing to see how far she went both in writing endurance and in spelling in comparison to the last year :)

  2. Nice post, I am pinning but pinterest is glitchy, trying!