Monday, July 1, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

google reader replacements

July 1st is the end of google reader.Today I am sharing a replacement to google reader and a quick description of what it means to "subscribe" to a blog through RSS.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. If you want to keep up with all of your favorite blogs without actually visiting each blog individually, you can have the feed delivered to your favorite feed reader (there are many to choose from besides google reader).  You'll know when a blog updates without actually visiting the blog. You can visit my sidebar where it says, "Subscribe to our RSS".  Clicking on "posts" will take you to feed burner. You can subscribe using one of the feed readers you see there. You can also pick your own reader that you prefer to use. I've just started using blog lovin' as my reader.

Thanks to +Deb Chitwood  at +Living Montessori Now , I've found a great new reader to share with you. I'm lovin' the reader Blog Lovin. This is a free service for keeping updated with all of your favorite blogs. You can even import your google reader subscriptions into Blog Lovin' when you sign up. You can read all about it in Deb's post, "Top 10 Reasons why I'm Lovin' Blog Lovin'" I've added a "Follow this Blog with Blog Lovin" on my sidebar to make it easy for you to follow You can also type any url or blog name into the search on blog lovin'. It's super easy to find all of your favorite blogs.

Follow on Bloglovin, google reader replacements

Other ways you can follow Ready-Set-Read
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Follow on G+
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 If you've been using google's version to keep up on all of your favorite blogs, you'll find today that it is no longer available. The good news is, it's easy to continue to follow and all of your favorite blogs!Let me know if you have a blog and how you are following! I'd love to reciprocate.

I'm also excited to tell you about some fab education blogs you can follow on bloglovin'. I found this teacher blog hop on A Teacher without a Class. I can't wait to find some new teacher blogs to follow. If you are looking for more education blogs to follow, check it out or add your own link.

A Teacher without a Class


  1. I myself is going with Feedly that I found closest to Reader. I have no intention to give up on my favorite blogs :)

  2. Doing some blog hoppin' ... I'm your newest follower!