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Preschool Curriculum by Blue Manor Academy Review

If you've been lounging at the pool or beach lately, you may have forgotten that back to school will be here soon. Of course, if you are a teacher (at home or at school), I bet you are already starting to think through curriculum choices. I've had the opportunity to review Blue Manor Academy's preschool curriculum. Blue Manor Academy offers a Christian preschool curriculum. They also offer a kindergarten curriculum-- I'll give you the low down on the kindergarten curriculum when my oldest heads back to school in a month. For now, I'd love to tell you about this wonderful preschool curriculum, share a special code for ready-set-read friends, AND offer you a chance to win an ebook set. This post contains a giveaway. Please see my full disclosures. This post includes affiliate links.

Blue Manor Academy Preschool Curriculum

The Blue Manor Academy preschool curriculum teaches values to kids.

  • Bible memory- The values in this curriculum are based on the Bible.
  • Character education - This section of the curriculum includes responsibility charts that you can print for kids. For parents, there are tons of ideas for weaving character into your day in authentic ways.
  • Social Etiquitte- A set of ebooks you can read with your child to train kids in social ettiquite. You'll find gorgeous pictures with kids modeling good behavior. The text is simple and practical. For example, "I hug my mom every day. I smile..."
The Blue Manor Academy preschool curriculum teaches developmentally appropriate preschool skills. 

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • General concepts 
  • Seasons and Weather
  • Counting
  • Money
  • letters
  • phonics
  • phonics readers

The Blue Manor Academy preschool curriculum allows children to accelerate their learning.

The Blue Manor Academy curriculum doesn't only teach typical preschool concepts like colors and shapes, it  also addresses historical figures. The historical figures ebook is written from a Christian perspective. It introduces God and Jesus, but also introduces great leaders like George Washington and bad leaders like Adolph Hitler. It introduces Muhammed, Budda, and Darwin by telling what they did, but not giving judgemental statements.

Blue Manor Academy Preschool Curriculum guides parents as they work to provide an elite curriculum at home.

The Teaching Manual explains the theory behind the manor way. The focus of this curriculum is on an elite curriculum. In fact, the name of the curriculum, "Blue Manor Academy" comes from when families who lived in large noble homes would homeschool their children or hire a tutor to teach their children. The type of teaching that is to occur with this curriculum is a more serious and studious approach that these families would have used.
This curriculum does seem based on memorization and I wonder if the memorization of item knowledge will produce higher level thinking analytical thinking or not. I think I would need to use the curriculum for a little bit longer to see if I see those skills developing or not. I do think the format of one to one teaching might help deeper thinking occur. Children naturally ask questions as they explore and learn and parents can always develop areas that interest their children. Also, Blue Manor Academy has a blog with free resources. Many of the activities on the blog extend the learning. They also show that an elite education can be fun! You'll find great activities like a preschool math activity, Math Dance or Buried Treasure where kids hunt for treasures of letters, numbers, etc.

What I like about Blue Manor Academy Preschool Curriculum

1. There are no lesson plans. 

The ebooks are designed to be explored as they interest your child. This allows you to follow the lead of the child, find what interests your child, and stay on a topic until it is mastered. Following a prescribed daily plan, doesn't usually work well for preschool learning.

2. The planning is quick and easy. 

It only takes a few minutes per day. In fact, the teacher's guide suggests that you plan lessons for 10-30 minutes at a time 3-5 times per week for preschool. So while this curriculum is very structured, kids are still going to have tons of time for free play.

3.  The ebooks are simple and clear. 

Clear pictures and simple text are a key component of early reader books. For example, in the Shapes ebook, you'll find black and white pictures of shapes with short descriptive text.

4. The curriculum uses developmentally appropriate, best practices for teaching young learners. 

For example, the counting ebook focuses on learning the value of the numbers and then learning the number symbols (1,2,3).

5. The curriculum is rigorous. 

The curriculum assumes that preschool children are inquisitive about many things, not just letters and colors. It allows children to explore areas of interest while their brains are in an age of rapid growth.

How to Get a Copy of Blue Manor Academy Preschool Curriculum

You can purchase the Blue Manor Academy Preschool Curriculum for $39.99 at Each of the ebooks in the curriculum can also be purchased individually which allows you to customize the program for your child. Blue Manor Academy has also offered a special code for readers of Use the code July10Gift to get a $10 gift from Blue Manor Academy. Many of the book sets are less than $10, so you should be able to try out a set free!

Win a free early reader ebook set from Blue Manor Academy

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