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Giveaway Interactive Websites by Always Icecream and Clever Dragons

 My boys love to play online games. I am totally comfortable with them having computer time each day as long as they are in a safe online environment. I also want them to have fun while learning. Children need computer skills to compete in the current educational world. Many of the standardized tests that are being issued require children to be computer literate. Today's giveaway from Always Icecream and Clever Dragons allows children to play online games in a safe environment while learning challenging content.

What is Always Icecream/ Clever Dragons?

Always Icecream and Clever Dragons are online game sites where challenging, self-paced learning meets safe social networking for kids. Always Icecream is a site for girls, and Clever Dragons is a site for boys. They offer the same educational content and activities but on a site where your child will only interact with children of the same sex. Always Icecream and Clever Dragons offer fun and relevant learning for kids in grades preK-8. There are powerful incentive systems for children, a range of parental controls, moderation of user-generated content, and an optional set of social networking all in a safe, controlled setting. Both sites were developed by an award-winning international team of experts under the leadership of educators and parents. You can win a lifetime membership to either site at the end of this post. This post contains a giveaway please see my full disclosure for more information.

Who is it for?

  • Children in grades preK-8 who are ready to learn, play and interact online, but not quite ready for grownup social networking sites.
  • Children who love independent learning. Each child has their own account!
  • Children who want to build or broaden school skills and learn new subjects in a wholesome, safe environment.

Here's a screenshot of Always Icecream

Here's a screenshot of Clever Dragons

What did we think of Always Icecream/ Clever Dragons?

My kindergarten boy loved playing Clever Dragons. He thought the games were fun and enjoyed the variety of games, quizzes, designing, and earning and buying prizes.
I liked that Logan, age 5, could play games that were educational yet challenging. He is in kindergarten but because he was so well prepared by his preschool experience, much of kindergarten is a review for him. I can set the levels to span several grade levels on this game. I choose K-1. This gives him a little extra challenge. I like this feature because it makes the learning flexible for any level of learner. Maybe after summer, he'll need to review the Kindergarten material. Children can review material that is below grade level while also working on their current level. 
I liked that the site seemed pretty secure. Of course, I don't allow my boys to play unsupervised at this time, but there are a lot of parental control options. You can restrict the level of social interaction and you can always view your child's social interaction.
The learning content seemed appropriate for the grade level. One of the first math games that Logan played in the kindergarten grade level was exactly the skills that had been on his first chapter math test the week prior. There are also learning videos that your child can watch. These are videos from Khan academy. If the quiz is too hard for your child, but he wants to earn coins (or scoops on the girls' site), he can watch an instructional video on the content first. 

What is included in the giveaway?

One lifetime child membership for Always Icecream
One lifetime child membership for Clever Dragons

  • Each lifetime child membership is valued at $149!
  • When a child plays a learning game or views an educational video, she (or he) earns virtual currency
  • Currency can then be used to access other fun content, like buying and raising pets, designing furniture, clothes, or artwork and selling these unique creations to other members in a personal shop
  • If you enable the optional social networking features for your child’s account, he or she can email other members, set and comment on their current status, comment on games and participate in fun competitions based on their achievements
  • Education topics include:
Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography and History, Music and Arts, Foreign Language, optional Christian and Jewish Education, Life Skills (Typing, Internet Safety, etc.)

A Free Parent Account in either Always Icecream or Clever Dragons that allows you to:

  • Review learning progress of your child
  • Customize educational content by selecting subjects and grade levels
  • Reward kids with virtual currency for accomplishing “real world” tasks such as completed homework or chores       
For more info on Clever Dragons, click here:
For more info on Always Icecream, click here:

See what kids and parents are saying about:

You can enter to win a lifetime membership to Always Icecream and Clever Dragons on the rafflecopter below. If you don't win, don't worry! The amazing people behind Always Icecream and Clever Dragons have offered a coupon code to all Mom's Library readers! Use the code

For those who don't win the giveaways, this code will be an opportunity for them to join the website at discounts of up to 46%. Should someone win a giveaway after becoming a new member by using the coupon code above, Always Icecream or Clever Dragons will refund the membership cost!

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