Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Easy Preschool Crafts

Welcome back to another week of Mom's Library. Each Tuesday I join up with other bloggers to host a link up for resources for moms. This is a great place to find activities for kids, crafts for kids, devotionals, recipes, and more. Each week we have an opportunity for you to link up your ideas and have a chance to be featured the next week. We also have a giveaway each week. I'm super excited about this week's giveaway as it is a product from my teachers pay teachers store. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to find the giveaway.
Last week I was inspired by all of the amazingly easy preschool crafts. My preschooler wants to make "something" every day. I love that he is artistic, but my brain can become taxed with thinking up crafts for him. I'm so excited to try out these fun easy preschool crafts shared by my mom's library friends. Be sure to subscribe and follow Mom's library on pinterest to keep up with all of our updates and features.

Easy Preschool Crafts Featured on Mom's Library

easy preschool crafts

Fall Leaf Craft Owl from JDaniel4s Mom

Pumpkin Collages from Where Imagination Grows

Cupcake Liner Pumpkin from JDaniel4s Mom

Shape Owl Craft from There's Just One Mommy

Pulled Cotton Ghosts from Capri +3 on Teach Mama

Paper Plate Owls from Happy Hooligans

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Word Work Activities

Word work is an important part of an early literacy program. Word work is any time when children work with words- spelling, phonics, writing, or vocabulary activities. The goal of word work is to learn how words work. Word work is a short period of the literacy instruction time. It should be transfered to the reading and writing component of the lesson. Word work allows children to work to understand patterns in words. It allows children to progress on their own level. Word work can be achieved in many different ways from paper and pencil activities to hands on centers. I often share posts about word work activities that I use with my kids or that I used in my experience as a reading specialist and reading recovery teacher. I'll be linking all of the posts here in this post for future reference. You can always access this post by visiting the Word Work Activities button on the sidebar of ready-set-read. I'll also share new activities every Wednesday on Word Work Wednesday. I'll add those to this database to help you find the resources you need.

Word work

What is word work?

Beginning Letter Sounds Word Work Activities

Apple Themed Beginning Letter Sound Activity
Apple Themed Consonant Blends Activity (Free Printable)

Word Families Word Work Activities

What are Word Families? (Word Families List Free Printable)
Short A word Families
Short E word Families

Vocabulary Word Work Activities

Oral language game
Oral language game for Halloween

Word Work Activities on Pinterest

Learn to Read/ Collaborative Board with Wise Owl Factory


How to Stretch your Child's Brain + Mom's Library

If you spend time reading educational blogs like ready-set-read, I have a feeling you have a desire to stretch your child's learning. I love to watch my boys develop and acquire new skills. I love to celebrate their abilities. I also love to think about ways to lift them to the next level of learning. Good teachers are always on the lookout for ways to increase rigor, to build problem solving skills, and to move children up to the next level. Each week on Mom's library, I find activities that help stretch my children's thinking! Today I am sharing ways to stretch your child's brain along with practical activities from mom's library participants.

1. Keep learning hands on--  Hands on learning provides opportunities for problem solving and higher level thinking. Block play and building toys are a great example of hands on learning. Check out these 15 Brilliant Building Toys from Mums Make Lists.

2. Engage multiple senses-- When children use more than one of the five senses, their brains are more easily able to transfer the knowledge they are learning in new situations. Little Bins for Little Hands provides tons of sensory activities. We loved M is for Messy ABCs Sensory Play from Little Bins for Little Hands.

3. Let children play-- Rigorous learning doesn't mean, "sit at a desk and do stacks of work".  Children learn well through play. Young readers and writers can do rigorous tasks like writing and reading while playing post office, for example. Here are 4 Ways to Make Your own Pretend Play Post Office from Buggy and Buddy.

4.  Choose topics that interest your child-- my boys are really interested in spiders at the moment. I don't know if the interest stems from the fall season or the fact that they are boys, but I'm going to try these Montessori- inspired Spider Activities using Free Printables from Living Montessori Now at PreK +  Sharing to meet their interests.

5.  Engage in physical activity during learning--  Give the brain some exercise and then come back to difficult academic tasks. Here are  24 Fun Family Physical Fitness Activities from Every Star is Different. You can take little brain breaks with these activities and I bet your learning will be more productive!

7. Provide Opportunities for Problem Solving -- Children are able to accelerate their learning when they are given opportunities to solve problems. If we simply tell students information, they won't remember the information as easily as if they discover the information. I love this Exploring Water (Science with the Magic School Bus) from School Time Snippets for problem solving.

8. Read a lot. Read more.--Here are 40 Family Friendly Halloween Books from The Jenny Evolution to get you started.

This week you can win a $50 gift card to itunes or google play. The makers of iTooch a comprehensive app that matches school curriculum is giving you the chance to win free apps!  To read more about this amazing app, please go to iGame Mom’s Review.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Monsters Love Colors and a Science Experiment with Colors

My oldest headed off the Kindergarten this fall. It seems the fall semester of Kindergarten begins with identifying colors and reading and writing color words. While I had a few favorite books for a color theme, I love adding other's recommendations to our reading.  I asked readers to share their favorite books for exploring colors on my facebook page. One reader, Susan, suggested the book, "Monsters Love Colors". Susan's kids loved the book, and I knew my boys would too. I hurried off to the library to pick up a copy. It seemed like the perfect book for this time of year. After all, fall is not just the time kindergarteners head off to school to learn to read and write color words. Fall is also the time of year when monsters emerge. Monsters are all around in Halloween decorations and Halloween television shows and books. Kids will love getting to read this monster book this Halloween. We decided to take this book a step further and do some kids science with monsters. We created playdough monsters and experimented with color changes as we made new monsters, just like in the book!

kids science

Monsters Love Colors

Monsters Love Colors, kids science
The story begins with three large, highly energetic, primary colored monsters. The monsters label their color and declare its greatness. Four gray monsters come along. They want to be changed into colorful monsters. With much mixing, dancing, squishing, and squashing, three new colors are made. There is one monster left, though, who gets a special surprise color at the end of the story.
I love this book as much as a rainbow swirl monster with raspberry on top. <3 p="">

Monster Science

We did a monster science experiment with this book. We used play dough to explore how colors change. We began with the primary colors of play dough. The boys added wiggle eyes to create monsters. As we read the book, they pulled off a bit of the big monsters to make new monsters. Play dough is a great way for kids to observe color change. It takes awhile to knead the play dough and kids can watch the change taking place.

kids science

Writing about Science

I would love for my son to practice writing in his journal every day. The expectations for  Kindergarten writing has really grown in past years. To become better writers, children need lots of opportunities to write. Unfortunately, at the end of the day Logan doesn't want to journal, practice handwriting, or even draw or color. If we do science experiments and write about them in our science notebooks, though, he is super happy to write. He wants to be a scientist someday!
There are many ways to draw and write about this experiment. Allow your kids to draw a picture of the monsters, write or draw an equation sentence (blue + yellow = green), paint the monsters and then mix the paint to form new monsters, label with color words, etc.

Further Discussion

Explain to children that all substances have certain properties that can be observed and that can be changed. What changes did we observe in the properties of the playdough? (Color change, size change, etc). Can we reverse these changes?

Halloween is such a wonderful time for exploring science. Monsters Love Colors is a great seasonal book, but would also work year round for exploring colors.  If you'd like more ideas for exploring science for Halloween, check out this pumpkin cano sensory science experiment by Little Bins for Little Hands.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Picture Books + Mom's Library

Welcome to Mom's Library! Filled with parenting tips, activities for kids, stories, crafts, recipes, and more! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss the next Library! Follow the Mom's Library Pinterest Board to see all of our featured posts. Check out last week's Mom's Library for 
This week I am featuring Halloween Picture Books. There are so many great Halloween books and I love some of the reviews for books for young kids, books that aren't super scary, and books that make you want to get up and dance!

Featured On Mom's Library: Halloween Picture Books

Halloween Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Halloween Books: Sing, Chant, and Dance from Growing Book by Book
Not So Spooky Stories for Halloween from Ready-set-read.com

Mom's Library Giveaway
It's shaping up to be a great week on Mom's library! We have two giveaways this week on Mom's Library. The first is a train shaped wooden stacking puzzle. The second is a Shape and Seek Book with a transportation theme called Away we Go. Wouldn't it be great to win both?? I'm thinking a shape train with a shape book about trains would make a pretty awesome gift!

You can find out more about the train shaped wooden stacking puzzle and enter to win on the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I've already mentioned the book, "Away we Go" in a past post here at Ready-set-read. It is one of my favorite new books. I ran a giveaway a few weeks ago, but if you didn't win, you can now win a copy on Mom's library. Check out Crystal's review of Away we Go as well. I'm not the only one who gives this book two thumbs up! Enter on the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin Unit Science Activities

This year we were fortunate to grow pumpkins in our backyard. It was wonderful for the boys to watch small seeds grow to large pumpkins. Plus, our front porch looks gorgeous this year with all of our homegrown pumpkins. We've read about the life cycle of a pumpkin in two of our favorite fall books, "From Seed to Pumpkin" by Wendy Pfeffer and "Pumpkin, Pumpkin" by Jeanne Titherington. It was fun to finally see that process in real life. After observing our pumpkins and reading about the life cycle of a pumpkin, we created a pumpkin life cycle craft. This was a part of our pumpkin unit.

pumpkin unit, life cycle craft

Pumpkin Unit: Science Activities

Read "From Seed to Pumpkin" by Wendy Pfeffer

From Seed to Pumpkin, pumpkin unit
From Seed to Pumpkin is a informational text about the life cycle of a pumpkin. It can be found in the Common Core State Standards Exemplar Texts. The book follows the life of pumpkins on one farm. Simple text and clear illustrations help explain basic concepts about plants.

Read "Pumpkin, Pumpkin" by Jeanne Titherington

Pumpkin Pumpkin, pumpkin unit
Pumpkin, pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington is the story of a young boy, Jamie, who plants a pumpkin seed and observes the lifecycle of a pumpkin. Children can relate well to Jamie as he watches his plant change and grow with hopes of having a pumpkin that is big enough for a jack-o-lantern.

Pumpkin Life cycle Craft

1. Begin the lesson by having students paint a paper plate with orange paint.
2. After students make the pumpkin, determine background knowledge by asking students, “How do pumpkins grow?”
3. Read the book, “From Seed to Pumpkin” by Wendy Pfeffer.
4. Introduce the life cycle of a pumpkin to students. Review the life cycle and utilize vocabulary for each stage. (seed, sprout, vine, flower, pumpkin, ripe pumpkin).
5. Check student’s comprehension of the lesson by having the students pictures of the life cycle in the correct order.
6. Have students explain the sequence of a pumpkin life cycle and then glue pictures in the correct sequence around the outside of the pumpkin.
7. Allow student to create jack-o-lantern faces for the pumpkin.

pumpkin unit, life cycle craft

If you would like a pre-made set for this lesson, you can get it in my Pumpkin unit in my teachers pay teachers store.

Pumpkin Sequencing Activity

We also read the book "Pumpkin, pumpkin". I created some story retelling cards in my pumpkin unit to review the life cycle of a pumpkin as well as practice sequencing a story. This is a great way to focus on beginning, middle, and end of a story.
Provide printed story retelling strips. Work with the child to read the descriptions and have the child sequence the cards.
Cut the strips apart. Give the child just the picture cards. Have the child tell the story using the picture cards
pumpkin unit, sequencing

A pumpkin unit can be a fun way to explore the science concept of life cycles. Exploring life cycles leads to a natural discussion of sequencing. Thematic learning is sure to occur when you explore pumpkins. Plus, your kids will be really happy to do the exploring!

You can find more ideas on my Pinterest boards
You can also find me busily pinning on Pinterest, tweeting on twitter, and chatting about the best Children’s literature on facebook and Google+.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Five Little Pumpkins Activities

I am so happy that fall has arrived with the cooler weather! I am ready for the beautiful leaves and pumpkins. The boys are ready for Halloween costumes and candy. I don't know if it's the cooler weather or the promise of candy, but fall can bring an air of hyperactivity among little learners. A great way to keep the momentum going in your learning environment is to use the fun of the season to explore concepts you want to teach. A pumpkin unit can be a fun preschool themes.  I've been working with a pumpkin theme with my preschooler and my kindergarten child. We've been learning Halloween songs about pumpkins, building Halloween vocabulary, using pumpkins to explore number concepts and science concepts. We've been reading wonderful fiction and information text about pumpkins, and enjoying pumpkin crafts. I haven't forgotten about the boys' request for candy either, it turns out mellowcreme pumpkins are the perfect math manipulative for a pumpkin unit! Over the next few days I'll be sharing some fun pumpkin activities. Today I want to showcase a Halloween song that works well with a pumpkin unit. The activities I am sharing today would also be great for word work. If you've visited Ready-set-read.com before, you know that every Wednesday is Word Work Wednesday. Of course, I have to sneak a little word learning into my post today!! This post contains affiliate links.

5 Little Pumpkins Halloween Song

A favorite poem/ song to use with a pumpkin unit is 5 Little Pumpkins. There are a few versions of this poem found in books. This is a song/ finger play that I learned as a child, though, so I used my version, courtesy of Athena Elementary music teacher Mrs. Verges.

Here are the lyrics I used:
Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.
The first one said, "Oh my! It's getting late."
The second one said, "There are witches in the air."
The third one said, "But I don't care."
The fourth one said, "Let's run and run and run."
The fifth one said, "I'm ready for some fun."
"Oooohh," went the wind and out went the lights,
and the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight.

Five Little Pumpkins Craft

After reading the Five Little Pumpkins poem, we created a simple craft. I printed the lyrics to the poem. The boys cut it out and glued it to the top of a large piece of construction paper. Then we made a gate (fence) by gluing craft sticks to the bottom of the page. The boys added 5 pumpkins atop the gate. This makes for a great take-home project. You can get this ready made activity in my pumpkin unit.

Five Little Pumpkins literacy activities

Identify Rhyming Words

The common core state standards asks kindergarten students to identify rhyming words and give examples of them (RF.k.2.a) Poetry is a great opportunity for children to practice identifying rhyming words. Begin by reading the poem with the student and giving them the opportunity to fill in the rhyming words. Then ask students to to identify the rhyming words in the poem. Expand the learning by having students tell other words that rhyme with that group of words.

Syllable Counting

The common core state standards asks kindergarten students to count syllables in words. (RF.K.2.b). A thematic poem is a fun way to practice syllables. Pull all of the fun Halloween words such as pumpkin, witches, etc. Have students clap the words and identify the number of syllables. If you need printable copies of the words with pictures for your white board or pocket chart, check out my pumpkin unit.

Sight Word Collections

The Five Little Pumpkins poem includes several sight words that you may be teaching in your curriculum. My son was working on the word "the" with his class. I had him locate that word in the poem and highlight the word. He also circled other sight words he could read. We added those to his collection of sight words. Students will think they are having fun with a Halloween poem, but you'll know they are actually reading sight words as taught. (Common core state standard for K, RF.K.3.c)

Pumpkin Unit

If you are looking for more activities for a pumpkin unit, I have a ready made unit in my Teachers pay Teachers storeYou'll find literacy activities, math activities, science activities, and printable early reader books. 

This unit includes:
Five Little Pumpkins Poem and Pumpkin Craftivity
Pumpkin Literacy Activities
Pumpkin Patch Roll and Cover
Picking Pumpkins Math Worksheet
Pumpkin Lifecycle Activity (recommended book "From Seed to Pumpkin" by Wendy Pfeffer)
Pumpkin Sequencing Activity using the book, "Pumpkin, Pumpkin" by Jeanne Titherington
Printable Emergent Reader "10 Little Pumpkins" for students to read and practice tracing number formations.

You can find more ideas on my Pinterest boards
You can also find me busily pinning on Pinterest, tweeting on twitter, and chatting about the best Children’s literature on facebook and Google+.

Do you have a favorite Halloween song at your house?


Pumpkin Picks + Mom's Library

Welcome to Mom's Library! Filled with parenting tips, activities for kids, stories, crafts, recipes, and more! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss the next Library! Follow the Mom's Library Pinterest Board to see all of our featured posts. Check out last week's Mom's Library for 10 Must Try Activities for October.

Featured on Mom's Library: Pumpkin Picks

Last week there were tons of pumpkin activities, recipes, and crafts linked to Mom's library. I found several to pin, several to try out with my boys, and four that I just have to pass along to you. Here are my top four pumpkin picks that were linked up last week.

No Carve Pumpkins from P is for Preschooler

Simple Pumpkin and Apples Fine Motor Skills Games from Little Bins for Little Hands

Montessori Inspired Pumpkin Unit from Living Montessori Now

Pumpkin Number Matching from Coffee Cups and Crayons

Mom's Library Giveaway

Pumpkins remind me of delicious Thanksgiving eats that are just around the corner. Mom's library has an awesome giveaway for all of you moms as the holiday season approaches. McCormick has offered a giftset to one lucky reader. You can read Janine's recipe for Herb Crusted Salmon on TrueAim and enter to win the gift set on the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shape Preschool Theme Book: Away We Go!

This week I've been working with my three year old to identify shapes during our preschool time. We've done a lot of exploring in our natural world as there are many shapes to find in our environment. We've also checked out some books on a shapes preschool theme. Recently I discovered a new book that features shapes. Away we Go! A Shape and Seek Book by Chieu Anh Urban has become a new favorite book in our home and is perfect for any shape unit. We read this book and did a fun book activity using foam shapes after reading the book. We also found some great activities that the author created to go along with the book and we've been enjoying those as well. I have a giveaway of this book at the bottom of the post so you can enjoy it too!

Away we Go Book Review and Book Activity

shapes preschool theme, Away we Go
Away we Go! A Shape and Seek Book  by Chieu Anh Urban is a fun book for exploring shapes in transportation. Each page begins with a question to the reader, "Do you see a (shape)?" The reader has to seek and find the shape that is named.  There are pictures of trucks, trains, buses, rockets, bulldozers, blimps, and more. The pictures are made from bright colored shapes. Each mode of transportation is named at the bottom of the page. Cutaways on each page allow children to trace the shapes and see how shapes can be made from other shapes. The clear pictures, minimal text, and hands on format of the book make this a great pick for preschoolers.

Book Activity: Shapes

Our book activity actually began before we read the book this time. I didn't want my boys to just replicate the pictures in the book. I wanted them to explore their own creativity and see what they would create with shapes. We began with a variety of foam shapes, a bowl of water, and a glass surface (in our case, the french doors in our back).

shapes preschool theme

Did you know if you wet foam, it will stick to smooth surfaces like glass? The boys were able to dip their shapes in the water and stick them to the window. After a day or two, the water will dry up, and the shapes will fall down. The boys enjoyed this free play activity for a few days before I introduced the book.
shapes preschool theme

One day after school, we sat down to explore Away we Go! The boys loved the book. On each page they tried to find the shape that was named. My kindergartener, Logan, was even able to read the text that labeled each item (such as bus, rocket, etc). After we read the book, the boys picked a shape to replicate and tried to build it. They loved the challenge of building the items. We even ran out of some shapes so they had to use triangles to build squares. They were so proud of their creations and made me promise to leave them up on the windows for as long as possible!

Shape Preschool Theme

shapes preschool theme

Away we Go! is a great book to add to your preschool theme on shapes. Preschoolers often begin by correctly pointing to shapes when an adult labels the shapes. Soon, children will gain the vocabulary to label the shapes themselves. As your child approaches kindergarten, he will learn to identify shapes by features such as number of sides and vertices.
The author of Away we Go! has created a large number of activities and party printables to accompany the book. We also explored some of these activities including the candy airplanes.

shapes preschool theme, book activity, Candy shape snack

If you would like more books and activities for exploring shapes, check my shapes preschool theme.

Giveaway: Win a signed copy of Away we Go!

shapes preschool theme, Away we Go, Giveaway

 Away we Go! is my new fave for studying shapes with kids! I don't usually let a new book surpass the classics that I've been using with kids for years, but this one ranks up right there with the BEST shape books for kids! It is a great find and I hope author Chieu Anh Urban writes more books. I absolutely loved this book and I'm so excited that one of you will receive a free signed copy of the book. Enter on the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you love this book as much as I do, you can stay up to date with the author on her  FB Page, blog and website 

Disclosure: I was sent a free copy of this book in order to review it. No other compensation was provided. This post reflects my honest opinions.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Nick Sharratt Featured Author: October Virtual Book Club for Kids

Today I am announcing the October Virtual Book Club for kids author. This month, the book club will be featuring the works of author Nick Sharratt. Each month I team up with a group of bloggers to feature one author.   At the beginning of each month, I'll remind you of that month's author. Near the middle of the month, there will be a linky party to share the ideas for studying the selected author's books. Several bloggers will write posts featuring ideas. You can write a post or share an idea with the virtual book club each month as well. The linky party will give you a great resource to come back to when you are trying to create author studies or find great book activities for your child.

October Author: Nick Sharratt

I have a confession about the October author. I've never read one single book written by Mr. Sharratt. It seems a little weird that I've missed him until now. Browsing through his titles, I'm seeing topics like dinosaurs, sharks, pirates, gross food, and robots. How can I have two little boys and miss any books on these topics? 
We will probably explore several books by Nick Sharratt and we'll be back on October 14th to share our favorite title!

Here's a link to several Nick Sharratt books on Amazon.

How to Join the Virtual Book Club for Kids

1. Pick your favorite book by  Nick Sharratt and read it with your child or class.
2. Create an activity, project, craft, cooking project, etc. related to the book and do it.

3. Come back and share it with us as part of a big blog hop on Monday, October 14th.

 The linky will be live for 3 weeks, so if you aren't ready to post on the exact date, just join in when you can! If you don't blog, you can share what you did on our Facebook wall, email us, or just comment on the post.  
4. All Blog Participants will have a chance to be featured on our Pinterest Board and  Facebook Page!  
Let us know you're joining us by leaving a comment below in the comment section!

Upcoming Authors for the Virtual Book Club for Kids

Do you like to plan ahead? Here are the authors for the rest of the school year for the Virtual Book Club for kids.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Word Work Wednesday: Oral Language Game for Halloween

Happy Wednesday! Each Wednesday on Ready-Set-Read is Word Work Wednesday. This week, word work Wednesday is taking a not so spooky Halloween twist on vocabulary development. A preschool child's vocabulary is one of the strongest predictors of future reading success. Word work time is a great time to work on vocabulary as well.   I am featuring my Halloween vocabulary activity on a G+ Hangout on Air this morning at 8:30 CST. There will be several other fun Halloween activities shared as well. If you can't check it out live, you'll be able to watch the video right here on ready-set-read. You can find more examples of word work on my Word Study Pinterest board. I'd love if you'd follow while you are there!

For today's word work activity, I'm going on on a limb and presenting it video style. Scary! Check out my oral language Halloween activity in this Google + Hangout with +Carolyn Elbert +Megan Sheakoski and +Melissa Golladay

Disclosure: I was provided a free Halloween TOOB from Safari LTD to complete this activity.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10 Kids Activities for October + Mom's Library

Welcome back to another fun week of Mom's Library. Mom's Library is a linky party that I cohost with TrueAim and a group of bloggers every Tuesday. Stop in to share your best resources for mom, including activities for kids, mom tips, recipes, and more! Each week we also offer a giveaway on Mom's Library! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss the next Library! Follow the Mom's Library Pinterest Board to see all of our featured posts.

mom's library link up

Featured on Mom's Library:

October activities for kids

Since today is October 1. (10/1), I thought I'd feature 10 must-try activities for October. All of these cool ideas were linked up to Mom's Library last week!

1. Read a book about pumpkins. KC Edventures shared 12 Perfect Pumpkin Books for Kids.
2. Try out ebooks with your children! Here are 10 Autumn Themed Picture Books to Read on any Tablet from iGame Mom.
3. Prepare a set of October Table Topics from Growing Book by Book and spice up your nightly dinner conversation.
4. Celebrate Fire Safety week October 6th with this Fire Safety Pack from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.
5. Visit a farm or try out some of these Farm Themed Montessori Trays from Gift of Curiosity.
6. Enjoy a fall snack like these cute Mummy Candy Cups from The Taylor House.
7.  Enjoy the nature of fall with this Fall Nature Playdough Press from Sugar Aunts.
8.  Add monsters to your math time to learn to count groups 1-10 with a free printable game from The Measured Mom.
9.  Add an apple theme to your phonics and word work time to add seasonal fun to your learning.
10. Every star is Different shared a countdown to Halloween. There are 31 activities so start today... or make up some of your own ideas!

Weekly Giveaway:

This week you can enter to win a modern fairytale. One lucky reader will win a copy of "Bubblegum Princess" a picture book inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! You can read my full review of Bubblegum Princess and enter to win here.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
children's book giveaway

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