Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brown Bear Brown Bear Unit Giveaway

Only five giveaways left in my 12 Days of Giveaways on Ready-Set-Read. I want to thank you all for being awesome, loyal readers. From Dec 4- 15, I've been giving away products from my teachers pay teachers store. This is a opportunity for you to win free resources like early reader books, word work activities, and thematic units. Today I am giving away an activity pack to accompany one of my favorite early reader books, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?"

Today's Giveaway: Brown Bear, Brown Bear Unit

Literacy activities to accompany the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?" This pack includes activities that will help students read and write color words. Read this classic story with your class. Have students practice reading color words by matching a colored animal card to a written word card. All of the animal cards are your favorite characters from the book! Once your students have some familiarity with the text, play an "I have, Who has?" game to retell the story. The pack also includes activities to strengthen fine motor skills and to use in your writing centers. You can have students color the animals from the story on the animal coloring sheets. Also, students can form color words on playdough mats. This is a great word work activity and gets students ready to independently write color words.

Brown Bear Brown Bear Activities

Animal Cards and Color Word Match

As you read through the book Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?, have students locate and frame color words. Provide students with the animal pictures and the color word strips included. Have students work to match the animal picture to the correct color word. Discuss strategies for locating the correct color word.

Brown Bear Story Retelling Cards

Use this story retelling game in small groups or as a whole class. You will need at least 10 players. Each player should look at the picture on the card to determine the assigned char-acter. The player will listen for another player to say the character’s name on his or her card and then read the sentence at the top of the card. This is similar to “I have. Who has?” The teacher may want to begin the game with the teacher card.

Brown Bear Color Word Worksheets

This packet includes worksheets to review color words. Have students read the color word at the top and color the animal to match. You could staple the pages together to make a nice book for retelling the story. This could be created individually or as a class.

Enter to Win Brown Bear, Brown Bear Unit

Use the rafflecopter below to enter to win the Brown Bear, Brown Bear Unit. Come back tomorrow for the next giveaway. December 15th is the last giveaway and it is going to be a BIG bundle of surprises!

Yesterday's giveaway of the Math Olympic Games for kids had zero entries. In case it was just a busy day for everyone, I've left it open until midnight tonight. So today is a two in one giveaway day. You could win both giveaways!!! The Math Olympic Games is a popular product in my Tpt store. You can read about it an enter here.