Monday, March 17, 2014

Making Predictions with The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins

March is a great time to explore books about weather since children can observe a wide variety of weather conditions. (Especially if they live near St. Louis like we do. It was 70 on Sat and snowed on Sunday!) Because of the constantly changing weather that blows into this area, March makes me think of windsocks and kites. One of my favorite books about the wind is "The Wind Blew" by Pat Hutchins. It's a book with fun depictions of the wind. It has wonderful illustrations that prereaders love to sit and study. And the unpredictability of wind in general, makes this a perfect text for exploring making predictions.
In The Wind Blew, the wind whisks up hats, balloons, kites, wigs, newspapers, scarves and more. As each item flies into the air, the owner of the item joins in chasing the objects. Finally the wind mixes up the items, and deposits them back. The final picture shows all of the items with the wrong owner. My boys thought little girls wearing top hats or wigs made for a hilarious ending.

"The Wind Blew" can be used for children to predict or retell. I used this book with my boys to make predictions. Before reading the story, we talked about some of the things that could be picked up by the wind. We talked about experiences of having our things blown away by the wind. We predicted which things the wind might blow. After reading the story, we retold some of the items that the wind moved.

Windsocks provide great conversation starters like, "Is it windy today? Which direction is the wind blowing?" To make a windsock, decorate the top of a paper bowl. Small squares of tissue paper make for a pretty spring look! Then tape streamers around the bowl. Poke a hole through the top, and insert a pipe cleaner loop. Secure the loop under the bowl. The pipe cleaner will provide a hanger for the wind streamer. Hang outdoors and watch the wind blow.


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