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The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister: Free Literacy Pack

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister has been a wonderful book to explore as my boys have grown up. The shimmering scales attracted my toddlers to the underwater adventure. In preschool, they began to explore the concepts of sharing when they dove into the rainbow fish. My oldest son, Logan,  is now a kindergartener. The Rainbow Fish remains a favorite story. Logan is now ready to dive into the book. He can analyze themes in the books, retell important details, make connections to his own life, and generate opinions about The Rainbow Fish and friends. And so can your kindergarten students...
The building blocks of literacy include comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonics, and phonemic awareness. Documents like the Common Core State Standards call for Kindergarten students to retell familiar stories, attend to key details, produce rhyming words, and provide written responses to reading that share opinions.  These standards may sound demanding for a five year old. While every book activity doesn't have to involve every strand of literacy nor meet each CC standard, these standards are attainable and can create strong early readers who love literacy. Most five year old children will eagerly embrace these tasks when they are engaging, fun, and relate to a story they love.
 Today I am sharing a free literacy pack to accompany The Rainbow Fish. This cross curricular pack includes each of the building blocks of literacy as well as a character education activity and a math activity. This is only free in my Buy Sell Teach store. Link at the bottom of the post.

The Rainbow Fish, book activities, free printables

The Rainbow Fish Free Printable Activities

Rainbow Fish Character Education Activity

Discuss the quote, "To have good friends, you have to be a good friend."  Help children make connections to the Rainbow Fish. Have students draw ways to be a good friend at home, at school, and in our world.
The Rainbow Fish, book activities, free printables

Rainbow Fish Fluency Activity (RL.K.10)

After talking about the theme of friendship, share the poem, "I like you."  that is included in the literacy pack. Have students locate high frequency words in the story (I, like, yes, do, with). Reread the poem for fluency. Ask children, "Do friends share with one another? What else can you do to show friendship?" Replace the word "share" in the poem with "play" or other answers from the children. Reread your new version!

Rainbow Fish Comprehension Activity (RL.K.2)

Help children retell the story by completing a beginning, middle, end graphic organizer. Allow children to draw or write their answers. The organizer in the literacy pack provides plenty of space for kindergarten students to draw or write answers!

Rainbow Fish Book Activity

After reading the rainbow fish, give children a blank fish to color. Ask students to listen to the description of the rainbow fish and color their interpretation of the rainbow fish. Use foil stars to add shimmering scales to the fish.

Rainbow Fish Vocabulary Activity (L.K.4,5)

Use the book activity above to discuss the word, "shimmer" with your child. Talk about other words that mean the same thing as the word shimmer. Record them on the rainbow word graphic organizer.
The Rainbow Fish, book activities, free printables

Rainbow Fish Phonemic Awareness Activity (RF.K.2)

Play rainbow rhymes. You can get a free printable copy of this game in the Rainbow Fish Family Literacy Pack.

The Rainbow Fish, book activities, free printables

Rainbow Fish Writing Activity (W.k.1)

Marcus Pfister wrote many books featuring Rainbow Fish after his initial book, The Rainbow Fish. You may want to read several of these titles and then ask children to share their favorite rainbow fish tale. In fact, the kindergarten common core state standards asks students to "use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose opinion pieces in which they tell a reader the topic or the name of the book they are writing about and state an opinion or preference about the topic or book. You can even use the template provided in the literacy pack.
The Rainbow Fish, book activities, free printables

Rainbow Fish Math Activity (K.CC.B.5)

It's always great to connect books that you are reading to other content areas. Practice counting skills 1-5 with the fishing math worksheet. Talk about rainbow fish's life under the sea and the friends that he has encountered. Count underwater animals in the rainbow fish books. There is a worksheet to check understanding of counting.

Remember, this pack is a free download in my Buy Sell Teach Store by clicking here.

The Rainbow Fish, book activities, free printables

I am participating in the Virtual Book Club for kids. Each month I collaborate with over 20 other bloggers to feature a favorite author. This month we are featuring books by Marcus Pfister, author of The Rainbow Fish and many other wonderful picture books. You can find activities for his books by checking out this links below. You can also link up your own ideas.


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