Book Adventures

Book Adventures:
Where will your next book take you?
During the summer most families take vacations and outings to new places. You can increase your child's literacy skills by taking along themed books on your summer adventures. I have created several thematic book lists to make your packing and planning easy! In addition, I have created several free and priced activity packs for each themed adventure. The activity packs are designed to be used with the thematic book lists. These thematic units are designed for families to continue learning and fun with books during the summer. I designed them multi-level for families who have children from young toddlers to early readers. There are age-appropriate books, recipes, games, early readers, journal pages, and more.

Going to the Zoo?
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Photo Free PDF Zoo Thematic Unit for Preschoolers

Going to the beach?

Going to the farm?

Going to a campground?